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Fr. Peter loved the Yankees!
Thanks to all who attended the memorial masses at        St. Malachy’s and Holy Cross. 03/18/2018

RIP Father Pete Colapietro, Patron Saint of Elaine’s, And all the Actors in Times Square

February 05, 2018

Larger than life with the biggest heart ever, Father Pete is the subject of a beautiful obit by James Barron in the New York Times tonight. But what you really don’t get is how all of us knew Father Pete, who was assigned to two different churches in Times Square. All the actors knew him. And loved him.

Peter Colapietro, ‘Saloon Priest’ Who Ministered to Lowly and Mighty, Dies at 69

February 08, 2018

Father Colapietro — “Father Pete” to those who encountered him, in or out of a church — became known as the “saloon priest.” This was partly because he had worked in bars before he joined the priesthood and partly because he was a regular at Elaine’s, the Upper East Side celebrity hangout that closed in 2011.

Beloved New York City priest Peter Colapietro dies at 69

February 06, 2018

Known for his larger-than-life personality and unabashed love for whiskey, Father Colapietro — or simply “Father Pete” — touched the lives of countless people over the years, both young and old, rich and poor.

Father Pete, My Savior & Friend

February 18, 2018

Armed with a .38-caliber, pearl-handled revolver and a six-page letter to his estranged wife, Mickey Rourke knocked on the door of Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Hell's Kitchen in 1994.  

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The Holy Name Society plaque that was presented to BP will now be displayed in Gioia Del Colle at the church of  Parrocchia Matrice S. Maria Maggiore. Great day and an exceptional visit. The plaque with the translation will be prominently displayed.

Peter would be proud. 

This is a picture with the pastor. 
Fr. Peter Inaugural Fundraiser Birthday 
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